Overcoming Your First Year In Network Marketing

first year in network marketing

First Year in Network Marketing – New or Frustrated???

Your first year in network marketing can be very challenging.  You are probably here because you are just starting your first year in network marketing……

Or you are frustrated after only a short period of time trying to build your network marketing business? New or frustrated, the following information will help you understand the problem and what you can do about it.

First Year in Network Marketing – Marketing Techniques for Success

There are some great marketing techniques that you can use to help you overcome the challenges of a new business.  Most businesses fail within the first year and you can do some things to give your business a very strong foundation to avoid this pitfall.

There is some basic information you will want to understand about network marketing so you will really understand how this type of business works.  This can be a business that has very low start up costs and this is why you may be attracted in the first place.  Other business plans have a very large start up fee.  This can be discouraging if you are trying to make extra money.

First Year in Network Marketing – Your Sponsor – To Follow Or Not To Follow???

If you were recruited by someone, this will be the person that you may spend a great deal of time working with closely.  You should establish a good relationship and repertoire with this person from the very beginning.  Having a person to turn to when you need help can be an invaluable resource UNLESS the information that you get is based on “old school marketing” methods. IF you are told to make a list of family and friends and start to “pitch” them, I suggest you RUN AWAY quickly. Learn from successful people. Mentor with the best in the industry.

First Year in Network Marketing – Online Or Offline Or Both??

The first year is a time when you will need to put a lot of hard work and effort into your business.  This will require you to donate a good amount of time to your business to make it grow.  Make sure that it is time well spent. Plan your business and work your plan. Learn from the best in the industry. Jumping from one business to another will only hold you down.

Offline – the methods for successful recruiting have changed drastically. Take a look at this FREE Master Sponsoring Webinar and learn the skill set that easily sponsored 29 people in 21 days.

Online – Network Marketing has undergone a major transformation and online attraction marketing can be extremely effective. It requires work but that work gets results IF you use a proven plan.

When you set up a physical business, you will have to find a building and jump through many hoops just to get the doors open.  Network marketing is something that can be done solely online.  This will allow you to eliminate the cost of renting or purchasing a business.  You will want to set up a website and this will act as your store front.  The fee for a website can be very affordable each month.

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When you commit to a business you want to make sure that you allow adequate time for it to really work for you.  If you are constantly switching what you are doing people will not have a chance to get to know you and build this personal relationship that is so important to good business practice.

First Network Marketing Year – It’s The Hardest – Do You Know How To Market???

Your first year in network marketing will always be the hardest.  When you have the right tools and amount of preparation you can help to increase your chances of success.  You will have many bumps along the road, but if you can pull through it can be well worth it.

One of the problems is that most people don’t last one year. They may only last 90 days. If you don’t have a system for yourself and your team, you will not be able to develop a team for the long term.

MOST people don’t have a clue how to MARKET and you are highly encouraged to get that straight first before joining ANY company….

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To Your Success,

Mike Donaldson


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