Internet Network Marketing-Why it Pays to Go Online with Your Business

internet-network-marketingInternet network marketing may be a term that you are NOT familiar with, but if you are a network marketer, you need to know how you can easily grow your business. The truth is, as a network marketer it isn’t easy to grow your business if you are still attempting to chase family and friends.

In fact, if you are approaching your business from this aspect, then you are going about it all wrong. It has long been a problem with network marketers that they are seeking ways to get friends and family to enroll in their business, but this is a hard approach and it’s not working.

So, if approaching friends and family is bothersome to both you and them, what is the next step in making sure that you can fully grasp internet network marketing? How can you get beyond what you are doing today to create a better business tomorrow? Simply put, it’s all about creating a strong foundation for your business, a foundation online that will attract the right prospects and help.

What is Internet Network Marketing?

While I could give you a definition of what internet network marketing is, and straight out of a dictionary, the truth is, it’s simply taking the network marketing business and putting it online. How so? You simply create a web presence that puts you in front of millions of people easily and around the clock.

Think about it; you wouldn’t have to chase down friends and family if you had millions of folks checking you out online. You could easily make both retail sales and attract the right prospects that wish to join you in this endeavor as a home based business. After all, isn’t it about building a team?

If you are new to internet marketing, don’t worry, even though the path to internet network marketing success can be filled with obstacles and be very frustrating, there is a path that is much simpler than you think, so read on.

Network marketing gets its name, because it’s a growing network of people building their business. At the end of the day, it’s the network that is the purpose for doing what you do. With that said, are you really fulfilling the purpose of your business by chasing people? It’s about attracting the right people, and getting them to chase you NOT the other way around. Attraction marketing is the answer!

For most of the time that network marketing has been around, we are taught the basics:

  1. Make a connection with people – family, friends, co-workers and strangers
  2. Present the opportunity
  3. Follow up, answer questions and get a decision

Those three steps still work today but not quite the way that you might be thinking.

Making Internet Network Marketing Work

So, how do you make network marketing work online?

How do you build a network marketing business for success?


  1. Blog with value based content – provide solutions to problems
  2. Social media – meet people and learn about them and their problems and frustrations
  3. Training – offer FREE training that actually works
  4. Software – offer proven software solutions that solve problems (FREE and paid)

Prior to the widespread use of the internet, I used the conventional MLM offline methods. I had a degree of success but my methods could not be easily duplicated and after a few years, I got tired of the endless phone calls, lunch presentations, weekly meetings, etc. I did not have a system that worked during the times that I was sleeping or working my corporate job.

My first six months online I produced about a hundred leads and I sponsored a few people and started to build a team. It was only recently that I began to use a system that is giving me the same lead results in two weeks that I got in my first six months.

So now that we are developing an internet network marketing plan, we try to figure out how to connect with people. We look around the internet and get pounded with online ads, endless opportunity emails, and we are generally flooded with people pushing to sell us but not to really get to know us. Even on Facebook and other social media, people are leading with their opportunity before they even create a relationship.

Most network marketing companies now offer a company replicated website. Even though a replicated website may seem like an ideal solution, most of them are not about developing a relationship and providing value. They are simply another way to “draw circles on a whiteboard” to tell people about their fantastic opportunity.

It is best to have a personal website where you can share valuable information. It would also be ideal for you to build your online presence through social media – Facebook personal page as well as a Facebook fan page. When you do, you are much more likely to attract the right people by making yourself available and by answering questions and teaching others.

You can do the following to really get the engagement going among your fans including:

  1. Sharing valuable articles
  2. Sharing videos
  3. Film videos directly of you welcoming others into your business
  4. Share articles and press releases
  5. Share interesting images as well

All of this content is exactly what draws these prospects closer to you, and it will be more rewarding than you ever thought possible to help others through what you share.

Well times are different now. My entire internet network marketing business is dedicated to developing relationships and partnering with marketers who genuinely want to work to create internet network marketing success, using online automated tools. It does not matter what network marketing company they are promoting, it is my goal to provide them with a road map that will get them to their goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

During this journey I meet and share with hundreds of people offline and online through social media, videos and blog posts, utilizing an automated system that not only provides the financial results but also a lifestyle that allows time to enjoy friends and family. Oh, by the way, it is also a great way to enjoy life meeting new exciting, motivated people and to complete items on your “bucket list” and add additional items to your bucket list that you never thought possible.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can easily promote using internet network marketing, then check out my FREE 5 DAY ATTRACTION MARKETING BOOTCAMP to connect with me TODAY ! Contact me if you would like to have your own FREE 5 DAY ATTRACTION MARKETING BOOTCAMP.

To your success,

Mike Donaldson


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After many years in the corporate world, I decided that freedom, family and friends were more important so I broke away to study with the empowered leaders of the internet marketing and network marketing industries. By doing so I am now ready to share and help those who also want the freedom to travel, spend more time with family and friends and to realize their dreams by marketing online with the aid of technology automation.
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