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network marketing on the internetNetwork marketing on the Internet — Can it really be that hard? The simple answer is yes, if you don’t follow a proven method and have a little patience. The more complex answer is no, if you consistently spend an hour or two per day doing some simple step-by-step things . Like any business, working on the internet takes some time and energy but the residual rewards are fantastic.

Before Network Marketing on the Internet

Network marketing has always been a numbers game because only some people have enough drive and energy and a big enough reason “why” to start a business– any business. But historically the approach to network marketing was contacting all of your friends and family to show them your opportunity. You were excited. You knew that this could solve all of your problems and all you needed to do was tell people how excited you were and they would jump on board.

For most that meant running around with your hair on fire, talking a mile a minute telling everyone how they could get rich. Rarely did anyone ask questions to determine the needs of the people they were contacting. When you ran out of friends and family, you were encouraged to talk with strangers in the mall or anywhere in public for that matter. There is nothing wrong with an offline recruiting process if done properly and by properly, I mean asking questions to get to know a person better and determine what there particular needs are. But that is a discussion for another time or if you are interested take a look at this FREE Training on Sponsoring Secrets .

Truth was that most people were and are uncomfortable pitching to their friends and family… plus you would quickly run out of them before long. Eventually you would have to turn outside of your normal acquaintances and that is when people were even more uncomfortable. Obviously we have to do some things that we are not initially comfortable with in building a business but we want some success while we are being uncomfortable to keep us motivated. Thanks to Al Gore (just kidding) we now have the internet and all of its global communication opportunities.

Network Marketing on the Internet Today

Since the mid-1990s the Internet has had a dramatic impact on culture and commerce. “James Bond” gadgets are now a reality. We have instant communication email, instant messaging, video cell phones and tablets, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) “phone calls”, and the Web with its discussion forums, blogs, social networking thru Facebook My Space, Twitter, Bebo, LinkedIn, etc., as well as online shopping sites.

Network Marketing Internet Business – The System

Time to become the “hunted” rather than the “hunter”. Stop chasing people down to join your business. Using the power of Attraction Marketing, have them come to you because you bring value to the relationship. Suddenly the numbers game of network marketing becomes easier because you have an audience of billions of people globally who you can attract and help. Isn’t network marketing offline and  network marketing on the internet about helping other people realize their goals? Well with the right tools and a few hours per day, you can help thousands of people realize their goals with the use of attraction marketing.

And what is the benefit of helping others? Well, you generate affiliate commissions to help fund your business and you attract people to join you in your primary business because of the leadership and free training that you provide. What goes around, comes around is an old saying but it is very, very true. The expression “pay it forward” is used to describe the concept of repaying a good deed by giving back to others. I have been mentored and continue to be mentored by some of the best in the industry and it is my philosophy, my commitment to “pay it forward”. It is the right thing to do and it just feels good. Try it, you’ll like it.


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Mike Donaldson



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