Attraction Marketing Crash Course

Attraction Marketing Crash Course

Looking for more leads, reps and cash in your business??

Try an Attraction Marketing Crash Course

Maybe you have heard something about Attraction Marketing if you’re a network marketer. However, if you are unfamiliar with it, then don’t feel alone as I’ll explain very soon. If you’re like most in this business, you have experienced the frustrations and hurdles. The rate of failure in network marketing is at least 95% depending on the source. I’ll tell you up front, hang in with me because you’re about to learn an entire system. From lead generation to nearly hands-free prospecting and building solid business relationships – so let’s move forward.

Attraction Marketing Crash Course – In The Beginning

The Attraction Marketing concept has been around for quite some time but it was formalized and popularized by Mike Dilliard in his ebook Magnetic Sponsoring.  The ebook Magnetic Sponsoring started a revolution in the internet marketing space and popularized the concept of Attraction Marketing.

The essence of an Attraction Marketing Crash Course is positioning and branding yourself as the expert. Once you learn how to generate leads, and I’ll get to that, then you build business relationships. Effective rapport while offering solid value along the way creates trust in you. Yes, this is a process but remember all serious businesses are based on planning and processes.

The Attraction Marketing Crash Course spans a 5 day period. During this time you learn the bird’s eye system that shows you how to implement the system. One way you can tell a strategy is powerful is if it can be applied to other goals. Attraction Marketing fulfills that criterion because it can be used for any type of online business. So right away you know we’ll be using it for online network marketing lead generation.

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One of the most important principles here is to identify your target audience, or market. First off, you know that not everyone is cut-out for network marketing. And that’s fine because there are millions of others who are. Secondly, you have to know your product and be able to talk about it and present it in expert fashion. This is something you must do but it’s not hard at all.

 Attraction Marketing Crash Course – People Come To You

A unique feature, and benefit, of Attraction Marketing is people come to you. Right away, you should realize how different that is from the traditional approach with network marketing, right? You probably learned that you have to seek people out – go to them. And then you do what you can to introduce them to the business.

And that is where most people flat-out fail. It’s not that you and others are lazy. But it’s hard to talk to people about your business. Right away, most people will realize what you’re trying to do, or what you want from them. Well, no more of that and here’s why.


When you’re using Attraction Marketing, you will leverage the internet and web marketing techniques. The fundamental method is as follows:


1. Create what’s called a squeeze page with an offer for valuable information in exchange for their contact information. You’ve seen this before with just about all business websites. Or, send prospects to a short sales page with a low-end offer.


2. You will use inexpensive paid-for advertising called pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to get your message out to your target audience. No need to stress if you’ve never done PPC advertising before. It’s not hard, but you do have to learn how to do this effectively. Plus, you can implement this strategy in a way that incurs minimal outlay.


3. You have options, and the ideal approach is to make a small (low cost) sale so you can recoup your advertising costs. The power of this is you will create a list of buyers. It does not matter if the price point is low, and ideally you want it to be low. This is how you filter out people who are only looking for freebies. You want buyers, and you’ll continue developing a relationship with them.


4. You engage your buyers with relationship marketing by being there for them. You’re the expert, and you’ll continue to give them value in the form of information designed to help them. People are looking for answers and solutions to their problems.


That is where you enter the picture. In time, you will have earned their trust, and then you’ll have a potential business partner.

Well, an Attraction Marketing Crash Course will get you on the right track but an Attraction Marketing System  is what you need for the long term. You need a system that offers complete step-by-step training and implementation in areas like Social Networking, Paid Marketing, Content Marketing, Prospecting, Advertising, List Building, and Mindset Mastery. A system that that will virtually guarantee more leads, more reps and more cash.

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To your success,

Mike Donaldson




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