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how to blogHOW TO BLOG

Have you ever wondered how to blog? Blogging is a pretty simple task, but learning how to blog for business is a bit different. You can blog for fun and for profit if you have just a little bit of training behind you to get moving in the right direction. I know that there are plenty of network marketers out there today that would benefit from a blog to promote what they are offering, but how do you get started?

I want to share with you a few tips to keep things simple for you now and in the future, so that when you decide the time is right, you can start blogging and driving traffic to your website and to your blog giving you tons of new customers every single month!

How To Blog With The Right Platform For Your Business

There are tons of blogging platforms available these days, so how do you know which one is the right one for you? Learning “how to blog” with the right platform is always important, because the purpose of blogging is to get discovered when consumers are using Google to do an online search. Remember, in the world of network marketing it’s quite competitive, and this is what makes blogging unique in that it puts you right out there among the competition.

The key is getting everyone to find you first before they find someone else with the same product or service. This leads me to my next point which is this; network marketing in the same area of interest could lead to frustration if you don’t know how to blog properly. This is why you want a blogging platform that is SEO friendly. The best platform around is WordPress, and that is what you are reading this blog on right now. This is my secret weapon to getting others to find me!

 How To Blog – Keyword Research Is The Foundation

WordPress is what many refer to as an SEO friendly blog, and while many use it for business only, it’s also great for sharing information. SEO simply means search engine optimization, which means that your method of being found is through using keywords strategically. WordPress loves SEO, and with that being said, let me give you these tips:

  • Use the Google Keyword Research tool to search for keywords you wish to write abouthow to blog with keyword research
  • You want to make sure you are choosing words with low competition but a high number of monthly searches
  • You want to use that keyword in your title, first sentence, sprinkled maybe 3-4 times throughout the blog, and in the last sentence
  • You will also have that keyword bolded once, italicized once, and underlined once
  • You will also have generally 3 subheadings called h tags in WordPress, but I will get to more on that in another blog post!

How To Blog – Quality Content Is The Key

The best advice I could possibly give you overall is to write high quality content, meaning that you are writing something informative and something that is teaching and helping others. I wanted to write this article to teach you more about how to blog, so you can see the correlation!

How To Blog For Traffic To Your Website

By now you at least understand the basic principles of how to blog, and so you are ready to start blogging for your business! You need only to remember that you want to provide value for your readers so that they continue to return to your blog site and see you as an expert in your industry.

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