Article Marketing Strategy-A Success Guide

article marketing strategyAre you looking for a strong article marketing strategy? If so, you have come to the right place. Not only is this the article for you to read regarding how to write articles, but you will also want to pay attention to this because it’s going to tell you how to use them effectively and strategically.

Written content isn’t always cut and dry, and it certainly isn’t a done deal until it’s in the right place. While you may have heard that this is all about SEO, it’s also all about placement, using the right keywords and it’s about writing content that is congruent with what you believe and what you promote in your business.

Make sure that you read this article all the way through so that you can clearly identify which article marketing strategy is right for you, then go and put it to work so that you can start generating traffic on your blog today!

What is an Article Marketing Strategy?

If you have never understood the power of marketing with articles, then this is a MUST read for you! Article marketing means that you are simply using a blog or articles you write on directories for promoting a product or service that you offer. While it can help you earn income, it’s important that you understand how this particular marketing strategy is great for driving traffic to your website.

So, how do you do it? There are a few simple strategies that you can use including:

  1. Articles that are lists
  2. Articles that use specific keywords
  3. Articles that create backlinks in directories

These are 3 very basic things you can do to start the wheel turning to create traffic for your website, and it’s going to be more useful than you can imagine as you position yourself as the expert. When you use articles that are “lists”, it is easy for you to generate traffic simply because you are using a method similar to bullet points which is good for SEO!

What about keywords? Let’s talk about WHY they work, and what you need to know about them to make your article marketing strategy.

Using Keywords in Your Article Marketing Strategy

Why would keywords be important when it comes to your article marketing strategy? It’s simply a matter of targeting the keywords that people are looking for online. Remember, the words that you are using are only the key if you are using what you know people are looking for.

It is critical to provide information about things people are looking for. That is where keyword research fits into your article marketing strategy. If you write a blog post or article and it falls in the woods will anyone hear it. NO, NO, NO, that should be if a tree falls in the woods will anyone hear it. Actually the concept is the same. Your blog post is like a billboard that will last forever but if that billboard is on a lonely road that is not traveled often, then your message will be limited to just a few. You want your billboard (blog post) to be on a super highway that gets lots of traffic every second of every day.

The point of keyword research is to find a subject (the keyword or keyword phrase) that many people want to know about. Today, what are people typing into the the search box? What are people looking for?

This means that if people are looking for “how to start a home business”, then that is what you should be using in your articles for keywords if you want to target these people. Remember, if you have a niche market, you are better off than just trying to market to anyone and everyone.

Once you discover the problem that people are trying to solve, then bring them a quality solution that solves it. But how do you find the problem.

Here are the keyword tools that I use and personally recommend:

Google External Keyword Tool

KW Finder


For more details on keyword tools and other tools for article promotion (backlinking) see my list of resources.

You have to promote your content to rank. Google is working overtime to make sure that quality content is highly ranked and that people who use search engine optimization tricks to rank mediocre content are penalized. We train people to write quality content, use legitimate and effective ranking tools that are automated and that stay ahead of what Google is doing. We actually provide people with the keywords, content, tools and training for a complete article marketing strategy.

Matt Cutts may be the most hated spokesperson at Google by the online community. Recently he  hosted a video update announcing the new Penguin 2.0 that will be released this summer. Take a look and see why using a solid step-by-step article marketing strategy is critical for success to meet Google’s on-going requirements.

The best Search Engine Optimization training tool out there and the most advanced tool of all of our SEO training is Predatory SEO.

Check out PREDATORY SEO here.

If you have a select group of people that you want to market to, then make sure that you are marketing to them only. If you want to ensure that your time and marketing dollars are being spent properly, then you need to contact me now to learn more about how to make an “article marketing strategy”!

To Your Success,

Mike Donaldson

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