3 Concepts Will Change Your MLM Sponsoring Forever


How three key concepts changed my MLM Sponsoring forever……

Obviously MLM sponsoring is an essential part of a successful network marketing business. No matter what company you are associated with, you need to sponsor people into your business. We all ask the question “What do I do….? Online, offline, email, face-to-face, group meetings, Facebook, twitter, phone.” So many questions and so few answers. It is confusing and will often times stop you in your tracks. Time to ramp up your MLM sponsoring to the next level…. or maybe to the first level if your just getting started or struggling. We have all been there.

Three key concepts changed my MLM sponsoring forever…

With a reasonable amount of time and effort, these three MLM sponsoring concepts will make you a TON OF $$$$$$$$$$


Before you think I am crazy, I know that blogging by definition is online but I wanted to emphasize that there are two online key concepts to MLM Sponsoring and one offline key concept to MLM Sponsoring. During the days of offline recruiting and before I ran out of my warm market of friends and family, I thought about using the internet as a primary marketing tool but my upline discouraged me plus the thought of blogging with the long learning curve of setting up a personal self-hosted blog was just too much. I wanted my business to take off NOW not in six months so I went through the pain of chasing down lukewarm prospects or frankly, in many cases freezing cold prospects that I hoped would get interested. But let me tell you that HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY !!! especially when it comes to MLM Sponsoring

I was tired of chasing my warm market and getting the same old runaround. I consulted a mentor and this wise marketer told me to do the following:

Broaden my market to a larger group and work with dead serious people.

  • Well what could be larger than the internet

Understand your business model and what to do to be successful.

  • People will join you because of YOU, not because of your business so I needed to develop a system that would brand me as the person to help others to succeed in whatever primary company they were participating.

Develop and use a high powered marketing system

Take Action NOW

  • Step by step – One lead generation approach at a time – Do not jump around – MASTER ONE AT A TIME

Now it was time to put my business on International Autopilot… well sort of

MLM Sponsoring Key Concept #1 – Online Blogging

I was looking forĀ  a high volume of traffic that would supply an abundance of leads. Well, my mentor highly recommended MLSP as the fastest, most effective way to get into blogging. It turned out to be very simple. There was a short learning curve but it was very simple because our group supplies complete instructions as well as monthly keywords and content to blog. All my fear subsided and I just began to blog. MLM sponsoring success was now looking like a reality. Over the next 30 days I posted over 40 blog posts and received page one Google rankings on several.

All of the capture pages, sales pages, opt-in forms , email auto responder content were provided. Well, the additional packages of training by top level people throughout the industry proved to be phenomenal so I upgraded to the highest level and never looked back. The training covers every aspect of internet marketing and has helped my business grow by leaps and bounds and all the while I was receiving 100% commissions on those people who joined me on this journey.

MLM Sponsoring Key Concept #2 – Online Attraction Marketing

Blogging was going smoothly. I learned about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to improve the ranking of my blog posts and now it was time to follow the instructions of my mentor and I add a funded proposal attraction marketing system to increase my MLM sponsoring. The recommended system is MyLeadSystemPro. I quickly learned why my mentor suggested Empower Network first and MLSP second. There was so much training and so the system was so complete with web pages, opt-in forms, capture pages, email auto responder content already written, as well as affiliate links to earn money to fund my marketing efforts and webinars from industry leaders that I could use to give away to my website visitors.

Everything was set up to brand me and help me to be on a level footing with the big guys in the industry. They were there every week providing training and coaching and new webinars and affiliate products to sell. There was tens of thousands of dollars worth of training there. For $10.00 risk free dollars I test drove the system for 10 days. Well, it was a no-brainer. I could never ever get training this good plus I had a complete marketing system built by network marketers for network marketers as part of the same price. Thank God I listened to my mentor.

I was now on the road to:

  • High Volume of traffic – daily supply of leads
  • Filtering Tool to separate prospects from suspects
  • Presentation format

……and now it was time for a follow up strategy


MLM Sponsoring Key Concept #3 – Offline Follow up

The tools I was using were now providing some of the results that I was looking for. I was not out giving a sales pitch to people that I did not have any hope of sponsoring. I was working to provide value to the market and that was attracting people with an interest in starting a home based business. Traffic was converting into leads. You already know that I absolutely LOVE the power of the internet and the leverage of AUTOMATED systems. But to be honest, no system or automation will completely replace the importance of YOU connecting with prospects on a personal level. YOU will need to learn and develop the fundamental leadership skills that include learning and developing the skills of prospecting, positioning and speaking with your prospects over the phone or in person.

It was time to improve my follow up so I could continue enrolling people into my funded proposal and sponsoring distributors into my primary company. Well, consulting a mentor was working well to this point, so why not consult with one of the best offline recruiters in the industry who just happens to be part of MLSP and also part of my upline in my primary company.

The Master Sponsoring Series was the Key Concept #3 that changed my MLM Sponsoring forever. First, I suggest that you listen to the FREE webinar on Transforming Into A Master Sponsoring Machine and judge for yourself. I listened to the webinar, purchased the program and received more than twice the price of the course back in two weeks. Not a bad investment, but check out the FREE webinar and see what you think.

It is clear if you want to find out about something like MLM Sponsoring, you wish to learn from people who know what they are talking about, and those who earn amounts from network marketing you can only fantasize about now.

A System for Internet Marketers, Network Marketers, Affiliate Marketers and Article Marketers

What is it, where is a good place to get additional information? Let me tell you MyLeadSystemPro is one of the most respected systems on the market today, and they have helped me and many thousands of amateurs and struggling Internet marketers to be successful. I wish you well in your MLM sponsoring journey and I am glad to help in any way that I can.

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