Wake Them Up With Network Marketing Advertising


Well there are traditional methods of advertising and then there are the profitable network marketing advertising methods.

Wake Them Up With Network Marketing Advertising.

Wake who up? Your prospective customers of course.

Advertising is an investment and your method of network marketing advertising should be selected wisely.

It is really easy to lose a lot of money experimenting with different network marketing advertising methods.

Every network marketing business has to be advertised. You need to expose your business to as many people as possible. You are new in your network marketing business so your sponsor tells you to make a list and contact everyone (friends and family).

If you are lucky they may even give you a script. It is uncomfortable and typically only has limited success. You may only find one or two new distributors out of a hundred.
So how many friends and family do you have – 25, 50, 100, 200???

Well, I understand your pain.

There are two basic ways to advertise your business:

  1. Offline Network Marketing Advertising
  2. Online Network Marketing Advertising

Let’s look at each one

Offline Network Marketing Advertising Ideas

  • Flyers – only effective if the audience is targeted. Even though it is fairly easy to create a flyer, will your call to action on the flyer actually get people to take action. Most of us do not have the basic marketing skill to create a “killer” flyer. So why did I put it on the list. Let’s say that you have a certain skill like website creation. You could distribute a flyer describing your business and providing a free evaluation of other businesses websites.
  • Drop Cards – another secondary method of advertising. Why secondary? Because it may take hundreds of dropped cards to get a single prospect. But this is still a very popular and sometimes effective method of advertising if you have daily contact with a large group of people (doesn’t have to be people you know).

network marketing advertising ideas

Online Network Marketing Advertising Ideas

  • Pay-per click – obviously there is a cost to this strategy but it can be very effective if implemented properly. The key is to do it properly so I have provided some Free Training by clicking below.

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  • Blogging -It’s never been easier to start a personal internet site. You do not even need to pay for high-priced developers to create one. With the development of the The MLSP, you can establish your website/blog and start out marketing your business online. Not surprisingly, traffic is the important ingredient. Without it, your network marketing online advertising will not function and my training and support of  MLSP allows you to get that necessary traffic.

Let’s start to drive traffic to your website through:

  •  Social Networking – social networking is here to stay. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. etc are the communication channels for the 21st century.

Network Marketing Advertising And List Building

List building is critical. The purpose of advertising is to develop a list that you can continual market to.

What a lot of network marketing entrepreneurs still don’t seem to understand is the importance of list building. Imagine being able to contact your entire customer base at one time! Imagine the ease of launching a new product or promoting an event.! List building is one of the keys to success both online and offline.

If you offer something of real value in exchange for an email address, then you have a lead that you can spend time building a relationship with. This will yield far better results in the long run when you manage your leads properly.

But how are you going to set up a sales funnel to channel your leads and also learn the strategies and manage a list? You need a system – a very powerful system that teaches and automates.

Armed with an effective sales marketing funnel, you can get into profit almost immediately – even if you have no experience. With all of the free advertising available online, traffic and leads for your network marketing business are just a few clicks away – if you know what to do.

I use MyLeadSystemPro and after consulting with a number of people who have used different systems, I can tell you  that this attraction marketing system is definitely the best out there. It’s an affordable sales funnel system and incredibly easy to set up, even for a total beginner. This system will allow you to become very effective at network marketing advertising.
Free MLM Advertising Strategy

There are many paid and free network marketing advertising ideas to use and you need to focus on one at a time so you maximize the opportunity:

Online network marketing advertising offers painless, free or low cost opportunities to market to billions of people around the world. Your time is valuable and aren’t you trying to break free of the time constraints of a J.O.B.  Then take a minute and explore the most effective system out there…



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