Clickbank Review – Can You Really Make Money?

clickbank reviewLooking for a Clickbank Review? Well you have come to the right place to get a good look.

Clickbank Review – The Marketplace

Clickbank is perhaps the oldest and most trusted marketplace for product vendors and affiliates. Previously on their site,, they would proudly say: “We’ve paid our clients on time, every time, since 1998.” Previously Clickbank had a real-time update stating they’ve paid their clients over $2 Billion. That’s an impressive number, and obviously it continues to climb. First in this Clickbank Review let’s explore the different services Clickbank has to offer. You can monetize your knowledge as a vendor/seller or as an affiliate.

Clickbank Review – Make Money As A Vendor/Seller

What will you find on Clickbank? Ebooks, video tutorials, shopware and membership sites are just a few of the items offered. These products are offered by a vast number of sellers and they pay Clickbank a fee to list their products in the Clickbank Marketplace. Good news is that Clickbank offers a 100% money-back refund within a 7-10 day time period. You may already have your own product or you could create a product and feature it on Clickbank..

Ever since, digital download product creators and affiliate marketers have been able to leverage CB’s services. In 2012, there were over 15,000 digital, physical products, and software available for promotion as an affiliate. However, regular consumers can visit ClickBank’s site and search for products to buy.

 Clickbank Review – Make Money As An Affiliate

Signing up to be an affiliate is free and fast, plus you can create as many accounts as you need. A strong word of caution is to read and understand their Terms of Service. You can easily make a mistake that can cost you earned commissions. Not only that, but you should treat your online business with all seriousness. Once you’ve created an affiliate account, then you can turn your attention to finding products to promote.

Good news for affiliates and customers alike is that Clickbank offers a 100% money-back refund within a 7-10 day time period.

Affiliates can earn commissions up to 75% of the selling price, and you’ll find a good range of commissions. In fact, currently only one other other affiliate network pays more than Clickbank. After you have earned two commission checks, payable every two weeks, then you can apply for direct deposit in your bank account. If you live outside the US, check to be sure direct deposit is available in your country. But there are just a small number of countries where this service is not available.

 Clickbank Review – Vendors

The other side of Clickbank is for vendors, or product creators. One of the biggest obstacles for selling online as a solo entrepreneur is the need for a way to process transactions. In the very early days of the internet, you needed a merchant account, gateway software for processing payments, etc. Then along came Clickbank as a third party processor for online transactions and opened a floodgate.

As a vendor/seller, you can create a product, sales page, and use the CB market place to promote it and attract affiliate marketers. The beauty of this is all your customer support is taken care of. Since Clickbank is a third party payment processor, people can buy your product with PayPal or credit cards. There is a one-time fee of $49.95 to list each product and the process is easy and fast.

There are other attractive benefits for product creators/vendors, as well. For example, Clickbank affiliates number in excess of 100,000 all over the world. Keeping track of your sales and other important metrics are provided. Plus you’ll be able to monitor sales and commission tracking, and managing your affiliates will fall under CB’s responsibility. Every aspect of dealing with affiliates is covered including payments.

Clickbank Review – Let’s take a look at the process.

Alan is ready to move beyond his day-to-day grind and start making money online.

He decides to turn his entrepreneurial passion into profit and goes to ClickBank to sign up for a free account. Now he’s ready to begin promoting digital products.

Huge variety of product types not found on other networks

Detailed sales statistics to guide your selection

Promote any product immediately

No individual contracts required — easy and fast to get started

Combined commissions from all your promotions

ClickBank handles all the details

Get paid more often — weekly payments and direct deposit available

Detailed sales reporting

Accurate commission tracking

Get paid on time, every time

Promote almost anywhere in the world

Promote English, Spanish, French, and German products

ClickBank accepts payment in 13 currencies


Sound interesting. Join me on the video above for a closer look at the products and the most important component of selling Clickbank products – the marketing method. As you can see from this Clickbank Review, it is easy to get started – Next step – Watch the video and get access to the advanced training that will get you on your success journey immediately.


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