Qualified MLM Leads-The Problem Is Not Having Them

qualified-mlm-leadsQualified MLM Leads


First Step To Qualified MLM Leads Is A System That Qualifies

When it comes to qualified MLM leads I, for one, prefer the online approach using a system or process that provides the first level of qualification. With an online System you can leverage your time because of access to millions of people. MyLeadSystemPro and Empower Network coupled with the proper use of SEO and syndication have provided me with a great system to get to the first step of qualifying MLM leads. You can attract people who already have specific needs without pitching them on your particular business opportunity. My goal is to provide value in the market place by training and teaching the lessons that I have learned from my mentors and the obstacles that I have hurdled in my journey toward success.

Qualified MLM Leads – What Is Your Marketing Niche?

There are many niches to choose from — Social Networking, Content Marketing, Paid Marketing, Prospecting (offline). I chose content marketing as my first focus. I wanted to get a quick start so I used Empower Network as an authority blog site. The Empower Network enables it’s users to literally have a personal WordPress blog online in seconds removing all technical aspects of your sales process while teaching you proven marketing strategies that deliver results immediately. Using Empower Network would allow me to quickly rank on Google. I eventually wanted to have a self hosted personal blog but my mentors educated me on the time and learning curve necessary to get a WordPress blog up and running and ranking, so I started with Empower Network because it was simple to just start blogging with no WordPress setup or learning curve.

After my first 40 blog posts I begin the task of setting up a personal self hosted blog. Needless to say, it takes time and there is a learning curve, but I was okay with that because I was gaining first page Google rankings on several of my Empower Network blog posts. I was receiving qualified MLM leads through Empower Network and receiving 100% affiliate commissions while I was doing it. As I began to post on my personal blog,  I linked back to my new self hosted blog posts through blog posts in Empower Network to create more backlinks from an authority site. Gradually my personal self hosted blog is gaining authority and will continue to increase in rankings until I start to rank on Google page one with certain posts. In the meantime, I am gradually increasing traffic to my personal blog. Gives me double the exposure while I grow. As an example, as I write this, $250 was deposited in my bank account because an affiliate purchased one of the training packages offered by EN. A great way to fund my marketing efforts while I worked to build my specific business.

Enter MyLeadSystemPro. MLSP or My Lead System Pro is nothing more than a highly optimized “funded proposal” online system popularized by Mike Dillard in his book Magnetic Sponsoring.

What makes the My Lead System Pro program different is it is designed to attract other FRUSTRATED NETWORK MARKETERS who have also run out of warm market contacts – and are now seriously looking for the answer to the question “What next?”.

So you now lead with a proven tool designed exclusively for network marketers by network marketers – and attract those who have already proven they are serious about building a real business. And here’s the real magic for both Empower Network and MLSP…

  • You Get Qualified MLM Leads
  • You GET PAID even if this new prospect never joins your primary network marketing business!

By combining The Empower Network and MLSP tools, I can blog, get training from top producing Super Stars and share training from top producing Super Stars. I get the best training and I share the best training and provide proven systems to blog and attract qualified leads.

SEO Tool Kit for Qualified MLM Leads

As far as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) I also use Tribe-Pro syndication to work cooperatively with others to gain social media backlinks. Add to that Article Marketing Robot and Unique Article Wizard and you have a great SEO package to build your online presence. Now please understand, I added the use of these tools one at a time so I could properly implement and understand them. Best not to be overwhelmed or you won’t learn how to properly use each one. I wanted to grow quickly, so I spent a couple of weeks on each to get started and then added another. It was very manageable that way.

Now that I have a system which fulfills step one for getting qualified MLM leads, what next?

Second Step to Qualified MLM leads is “Capturing” the Suspect Information

MyLeadSystemPro and The Empower Network provide capture pages where people opt-in to see what it is all about and to receive free training. With the use of an automated autoresponder follow up system (in my case, I use Aweber), I am able to capture the lead, automatically respond back to them to see if I can help and then add them to my list so I can market to them in the future. Good news is that they were attracted to me because of something I posted or training that I was offering. They were attracted because of a want or need that they have, but I don’t understand what that need is and what really motivates them. Time for Step Three……

Third Step To Qualified MLM Leads – Follow up

You now have leads that have been attracted to you. What now? Well, time to connect and further the relationship. I know, I know… You wanted an online system where you did not have to use the phone. Well you can wait and see if the autoresponder will recruit or you can contact the suspect by phone or email to further develop a personal relationship and discover the true motivation and goals of this prospect. Leads without follow up can and do turn into affiliate commissions and possibly even business partners but your results will be significantly higher with personal follow up. Some “old school” ways are still very important and this is one of them.

I have always been decent at phone follow up but like most people I get excited, talk too much and do not ask enough questions. Well, to change that I sought the advice of an industry expert who has a proven recruiting track record. The result was nothing short of AMAZING !!!!! I listened to an MLSP FREE Webinar Training and purchased a Master Sponsoring Series training package that has changed my follow up and sponsoring forever. Obviously the details of how to use the phone and how to ask quality questions is the subject of another blog post. Check out the FREE webinar or check out this post on MLM Sponsoring.

Building relationships is key in network marketing. You have to work towards trust with everyone you deal with, from potential leads to your downline. The better your relationship, the more people will want to work with you, which will build your profits and better your reputation within the marketing community. The tools that I use, help me do that. It is important to provide quality information and develop trust relationships. It is part of what makes the Internet Marketing/Network Marketing industry fun.

Leads can easily be acquired but qualified MLM leads are a different story. The successful steps to qualified MLM leads are:

  1. A System
  2. Lead Capture and Follow Up
  3. Final Qualification – Prospect

Hopefully this article has helped you to determine the details of your own system. Now that you have a system that delivers Qualified MLM Leads, you need to consistently apply it on a daily basis and watch your business grow.


To your success,

Mike Donaldson



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