Creative Network Marketing – Check Out This Test

Creative Network Marketing TestAre You Using Creative Network Marketing Techniques? Enjoy a good laugh and check out the creative answers to the questions in this test!!!

Who is this person? What kind of creative genius lurks within this humorous response?

Each one of us may not have the creative marketing genius of Madison Avenue,

but we don’t need to. In fact, most people don’t want the slick marketing that is so common on TV, radio and the internet.

We just need to be the real person that makes each one of us unique.

Be real, be honest and follow some of these simple suggestions and your creative network marketing will emerge.


1. Creative Network Marketing Tip #1 – Offline Prospecting

Be a pioneer when it comes to your creative network marketing plans. Choose a creative course of action. Using an original offline prospecting approach will attract attention and and generate success. While other networkers are pitching their product or opportunity and pushing their prospects away, you will be successfully recruiting. Instead of copying a conventional recruiting method that has proven to be ineffective, you will be carving out your own spot in the industry by prospecting and recruiting using questions that get to the heart of your prospect’s wants and desires. How you ask !!!

As an example, don’t hype your network marketing product. Try using this face-to-face approach

“Just throwing it out there, would you be open to a side project that doesn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?” If yes. “Just curious, why would you be open to making some extra money right now?” The typical approach to offline prospecting is to “pitch” your product or opportunity. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. Be creative and be different. Ask about them. They may or may not be in the right place to be part of your team. You need to ask LOTS of questions. And if you……….

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2. Creative Network Marketing Tip #2 – Social Media

Some people spend much of their day on Social Media like Twitter and Facebook. By using the following creative network marketing tip you can efficiently market yourself, your affiliate products and you primary network marketing opportunity. If you do not currently have a blog or any type of online presence then you will definitely want to see this FREE Video Facebook Training to Get Leads, Get Fans, and Get Paid. The key to creative network marketing syndication is automation. You do not want to spend your day online. One purpose of your business is to free up your time to enjoy life… to have a lifestyle with the help of social media automation. You need to “spread the word” about you, your online content and the value that you bring to others. Check out the following:

Pingler – FREE service that helps to rank your posts the posting process.

Twitter-Get some FREE Twitter training here and decide if using automated tweeting fits your creative network marketing plan.

Facebook– Join Facebook Groups that fit your niche. Do not spam. Example of appropriate response within a Facebook conversation – Awesome video tutorial from XXXXXX addressing this topic… check it out here Comment frequently. Post your content, videos, blog posts, questions on the wall. Remember you are encouraged to post other people’s quality content. To stay efficient in your creative network marketing efforts, plan your Facebook time. Schedule 15 or 20 minutes twice daily. Be careful with your time. Be effective. Be efficient. Remember this is a business. Do you need additional FREE Training? Click here.

YouTube – Videos our a fantastic way to help your business. If you do not have a YouTube account — get one. Start posting videos. Use your phone or your web camera. Just try it. It will help your creative network marketing plan. Free Video Marketing Training HERE


3. Creative Network Marketing Tip #3 – Attraction Marketing

Creative network marketers would do well to study up on relationship marketing in order to earn trust and to boost their overall profile. Knowing what a person’s needs are and being able to empathize with people is a great way to gain trust and to grow your team. You need to be the proverbial people person. Attraction marketing brings “hungry” people to you. It brings frustrated network marketers to you because you supply solutions and a roadmap to success.

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4. Creative Network Marketing Tip #4 – Blogging Without the Hassle

A blog can be extremely helpful in building your business. You can receive affiliate commissions while you are learning and building your network marketing business online. Constructing a self-hosted blog takes many hours and lots of frustration. During the time you are learning you are not getting paid. But now you can blog without the hassle and immediately begin to learn.

MyLeadSystemPro provides a blogging platform that is ready to customize to your specs. You can post your first blog on a professional looking site within a few hours. Network marketing is a profession and provides a grand lifestyle but typically most people do not realize the income or the lifestyle. A professional blogging site from MLSP that provides affiliate commissions has shown its effectiveness in providing substantial incomes to a large percentage of those participating. Quite a difference from most things out there today. Truth is, you do not have to be a “guru” to benefit and grow your business but it does take some consistent effort. Worried about developing content. We have an automated solution for that too. Just take a look here to learn more that will help your creative network marketing.

Creative Network Marketing Summary

Now that we have covered some tips on creative network marketing, it is time to gauge your potential for financial online success. Creative network marketing is all about improving every day. Click here to get weekly training from the best in the industry. It is completely free and gives you step by step instructions to help you succeed. Consider the tips above and keep improving your creative network marketing.


To Your Success,
Mike Donaldson



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