10 MLM How To Business Rules For Success


10 MLM How To Business Rules For Success

I was recently reading some information about Sam Walton and Walmart and I discovered  his rules for success and how they can apply to your MLM business. It really doesn’t matter whether you love or hate Walmart. What is important is the key philosophies that provided Sam Walton with the vision and courage to build a business from the ground up and how they apply to your MLM Business.

 MLM  How To Business Success Rules #1:

Commit to your MLM business. Believe in it. Find a marketing strategy that you can really get passionate about. People will see and feel your passion, and they will be attracted to you and your business. Belief breeds belief.

MLM  How To Business Success Rules #2:

Share your profits with all your associates, and treat them as partners. What a great way to start the list of MLM How To Business Rules. Certainly, this rule is at the heart of MLM. MLM is all about sharing and helping others to profit. Their success will be your success. Treat your distributors as partners and they will respond like partners, giving you more than if they were doing it alone. For most people, they would rather be part of a team , not the Lone Ranger. Be the leader but serve your distributors so they can develop into leaders of their own business.

MLM  How To Business Success Rules #3:

Motivate your partners. Every week think of new and more interesting ways to motivate and challenge your distributors. Help your team members establish goals and get organized. The recent 100 Day Challenge is a great example.

MLM  How To Business Success Rules #4:

Communicate everything you possibly can to your MLM business partners. Training is critical. Provide them with an MLM success system. With a system they will experience sponsoring success and profit so they can fund their marketing. This success will keep them motivated. Provide your partners with useful information on a daily and weekly basis. Give them the good and the bad. If you don’t trust your distributors to know what’s going on, they’ll know you really don’t consider them partners.

MLM  How To Business Success Rules #5:

Appreciate everything your distributors do for their business. Praise has always been an important part of any MLM business. Use it in all your personal and public contact with your distributor partners. Nothing else can quite substitute for a few well-chosen, well-timed, sincere words of praise. They’re absolutely free — and worth a fortune.

MLM  How To Business Success Rules #6:

Celebrate your success. Find some humor in your failures. Don’t take yourself so seriously. Loosen up, and everybody around you will loosen up. Have fun. Show enthusiasm — always. Many of us can remember Sam Walton’s funny antics. We should learn from his example. Why not have fun in everything that we do? We learn through our mistakes. Remember your first attempt at a YouTube video? Or maybe you have not even created one yet. Give it a try. Have fun. You have everything to gain.

MLM  How To Business Success Rules #7:

Get people talking. Use questions to draw people out. Find out about their dreams, goals and frustrations.  Give your distributors increasing amounts of responsibility and encourage new ideas to come to the surface. Listen to what your distributors and customers are saying and thinking.

MLM  How To Business Success Rules #8:

Exceed your customer’s and distributors expectations. Give them more than what they want. Publicly show appreciation.

MLM  How To Business Success Rules #9:

Control your expenses better than your competition. A home based MLM business has always been a low cost, low expense business. Not to say that there is no cost, but it is possible to keep the cost reasonable. As a leader, it is important to provide our distributor partners with free or low cost tools to promote their businesses as well as free or low cost training. Help them keep their costs low and generate profit quickly through the use of a step-by-step system.

MLM  How To Business Success Rules #10:

Swim upstream. Go the other way. Ignore the conventional wisdom. MLM business fits this MLM How To Business Success Rule very specifically. Conventional wisdom has always pointed toward a safe and secure job. Well as all MLM business owners know a J-O-B is not really safe and secure. We have ignored the conventional wisdom and worked to build a business of our own while our friends and neighbors watched television.

Sam Walton gave us business rules that provided the basis for 10 MLM How To Business Success Rules that can skyrocket your business. Put these MLM How To Business Success Rules to use and get the success that you have dreamed of.

To your success,

Mike Donaldson

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